Jack Williams Tire Wholesale

Jack Williams Tire Company is also a large wholesale distributor serving tire resellers in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Delaware. With fourteen warehouse locations in the area, we have built a network of regional warehouses to better supply resellers with the tires they want when they want them. With tire resellers ranging from tire dealers, car dealerships, gas stations, body shops and fleets, we provide a complete inventory of products including: tires, equipment, batteries, TPMS sensors, wheel weights, custom wheels and more. We stock all different makes and types of tires including; passenger tires, light truck tires, ATV tires, commercial tires, trailer tires, lawn and garden tires, UHP tires, farm tires, and off-road tires.

We provide expert trained sales staff, express delivery, dealer shows and event, plus Itraks, our easy to use, online ordering system. Itraks allows 24/7 access to pricing, availability and product information. Want to become a dealer? Click here, and contact us, to learn more!

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