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Tire Shop In PA Celebrating 90 Years ‘The Right Way’

When Jack Williams Sr. started a tire shop in 1929 he was doing small things in a great way––the Williams Way. Grand Prize winner will be selected in a random drawing conducted on 12/1/19.

The Williams Way continues to be the gold standard for all Jack Williams Tire Co. locations throughout northeastern and central Pennsylvania (there’s 36 now!).

We’re proud to be celebrating 90 years of steadfast commitment to our roots while forging ahead to serve our next generation of customers with tire and auto repair services.

When Jack Williams Tires opened its doors in August 1929, founder Jack Williams Sr.’s humble store consisted of one service bay, two gas islands and a small retreading plant in Kingston, Pa. The stock market would crash two months later bringing on the Great Depression, which hit the automobile industry hard. Big automakers were scrambling to cut costs to stay afloat and smaller players were forced to close up shop for good.

Then there was Jack. He was doing small things––same-day treading, tire mounting and gasoline. He’d sell used tires and fix old car batteries, too. But he was doing those small things in a great way. People noticed.

Today, that way is known as the Williams Way. Back then, it was just the right thing to do. Williams Sr. won the respect of his customers by being honest, investing every penny he earned back into his business, accepting handshake payments from customers who were hit hard by the Depression and skillfully getting the job done. It was a way of doing things he taught his kids too. His son Bill Williams, who started working for his dad’s business in junior high school, would take over the company in the ’60s.

One shop in Kingston grew to two in 1972, a shop in Berwick, Pa. The two-shop footprint grew to include a 90,000-square-foot headquarters in Moosic, Pa in 1988. A warehouse opened in the same town that same year. Locations throughout Harrisburg and the Lehigh Valley sprouted in the new millennium. The Williams Way continued to grow across the state––from Stroudsburg and Shamokin, to Hazelton and Selinsgrove. Three generations later, Jack Williams Tire Co. has grown into a robust network of 36 locations throughout northeastern and central Pennsylvania still doing things the same way. Because the right way is the Williams Way.

“We’re proud of where we’ve come from,” says Jason Williams. “It shows in our passion for the customer and the services we provide them. We couldn’t be here without them.”

As we celebrate our 90th anniversary as Jack Williams Tire Co., we’ve been reflecting on just how much we’ve grown from back when gas only cost 21 cents a gallon. We’ve innovated to be able to serve our customers’ car needs beyond just the tire services our company was built on.

Our customers can now get vehicle inspections, oil changes and brakes from the certified technicians they know are invested in doing things efficiently and safely. We’re able to offer a price guarantee that they’re getting the lowest possible price for the best tire selection with no upsells or hidden fees that some automotive repair shops try and sneak in. We’ve even launched wholesale and commercial operations to bring our auto services to more people.

In 2003, we purchased Auto Addictions to give our customers more opportunities to personalize their vehicles. This includes services like window tinting, mobile electronics, remote starters, performance accessories and all-things-off-road. We understand that cars are no longer just a way of getting from point A to point B. We want the people who visit us to have the full suite of services available for them to drive away in a vehicle that is completely them. This includes a full service repair shop and a tire center that stocks a variety of tire types that can be selected to fit any vehicle make or model.

We’re celebrating 90 years of never faltering on our commitment to our dedicated customers, and that’s something we’re immensely proud of. We’re still focused on treating everyone who drives up with integrity, and making sure they drive out having gotten quality tires and reliable service at the lowest prices. It’s not just our commitment to them, but also our commitment to the the original Williams who started it all with just a $500 loan from his father.

It’s something that wouldn’t be possible without an incredible amount of dedication from our skilled employees across the region who take pride in having served generations of customers. Their last name might not be Williams, but Jack Williams Sr. sure would have called them an extension of his own family.

As we look forward to the coming years that will take us to our 100th anniversary, the automobile industry could change more in those 10 years than they have in the past 90 that we’ve been around.
With the introduction of self-driving and electric cars becoming more accessible to more people on the road, we may no longer be dealing with customers behind the wheel. And just like it was during the Depression, automakers will be forced to adapt to what the next generation of cars means for the future of their companies.

For as long as the rubber meets the road, no matter what kind of smart car those tires are attached to––we’ll be there doing things the Williams Way.

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