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The Size Numbers and Location on Sidewall

Look on the sidewall of a tire on your vehicle and write these numbers down. Select from the dropdowns below.


 By incorporating innovative strategies into their designs, Continental tires maximize road contact for optimal control, fuel efficiency, and lower carbon dioxide emissions. Continental’s lineup includes tires built for vehicles of all sizes that provide drivers with confidence in wet or snowy road conditions. Their dedication to driver safety has provided customers with reliable tires for almost a century. Continental tires can be found on cars, trucks, and buses around the world.

Advanced Technology

To provide beneficial tires to drivers all over the world, Continental works with advanced technology when producing its tire lineup. An example of this technology is Continental’s ExtremeContact DWS tire line, which utilizes grooved edges for premier grip and acceleration ability as well as improved handling and braking for an overall efficient drive.

The technological advancements Continental incorporates into its design have also led to better driving in wetter conditions. By widening their grooves, Continental tires can eliminate water absorption for stable performance on slippery roads.


Continental supplies a winter lineup of tires, ExtremeWinterContact, for drivers and commuters who frequently take on snowy and icy roads. These tires are engineered to improve your handling, control, and braking ability by incorporating compact treads with elevated grooves and a flexible material as the tire’s compound. These tires give you the reliability and peace of mind that you’ll be safe even during winter’s treacherous road conditions.

Trial Period

Continental offers a wide variety of tire options to suit drivers of all kinds. Sometimes, it’s difficult to determine which tire will work best for your vehicle when just looking at them. To help you make an educated decision, Continental offers a 60-day limited trial policy on its tires. This policy lets you equip your vehicle with a set of Continental tires and drive around on them to see if they’re exactly what you’re looking for. If they aren’t, you can exchange all of them for a tire you think is better suited for your vehicle.

No matter if you drive a passenger vehicle, bus, or truck or are a premier racecar driver, there’s a set of Continental tires that will benefit your drive. With advanced technology, they work to give you exceptional control, braking, and traction ability.

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