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The Size Numbers and Location on Sidewall

Look on the sidewall of a tire on your vehicle and write these numbers down. Select from the dropdowns below.


No matter what type of vehicle you have, you’ll be able to find a Goodyear tire that fits your needs and increases the comfort of your drive. This is possible because Goodyear researches and tests new methods of manufacturing for a wide spectrum of tires. Their innovations have benefitted astronauts, racecar drivers, and everyday commuters, supporting Goodyear’s reputation as a leader in the tire industry. Whether you need high-performance tires or just a new set for summer road trips, Goodyear provides tires designed to improve your vehicle’s traction, handling, and fuel efficiency.

Soybean Oil

For years, Goodyear has been pioneering new technology to benefit drivers everywhere. One of these innovations is the incorporation of soybean oil into its tire manufacturing process. By blending the soybean oil with silica, Goodyear tire engineering uses less energy, and the tire tread boasts a 10 percent increase in overall life span.

Diverse Selection

Along with its soybean oil initiative, Goodyear features a diverse selection of tires that can benefit a wide variety of drivers. With Run On Flat and Extended Mobility Technology, your tires are designed to maintain their performance even when you experience a flat so you can make it to the nearest service center. This means you won’t need to wait on the side of the road for a tow truck or family member when you experience tire problems. 

Goodyear’s Eagle F1 Asymmetric tire line includes top-tier high-performance tires that improve your handling. By using advanced tread polymer, Eagle F1 tires can effectively grip the road and provide traction in wet or dry road conditions. These tires are backed by Goodyear’s Active CornerGrip feature, which steadies pressure and improves steering around corners or tight bends.

Diverse Functionality

Goodyear’s tires are so advanced that professionals in a variety of fields use them. While you most often see them on other cars when driving, astronauts have implemented Goodyear technology as part of their everyday duties thanks to the advancements the company has made in tire design. Racecars also enjoy the benefits of Goodyear’s high-performance tires, as they take more drivers to the finish line as fast and safely as possible.

The advanced capabilities of Goodyear’s tires provide exceptional drivability for all kinds of drivers. While also used for highly technical practices, these tires will give everyday drivers the dependability and capability they need and expect.

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